Helping You Move Forward

Alex Greenlee is the founder of Purpose Awoken and is committed to supporting his clients' growth and awakening of their true purpose and highest potential. Alex empowers his clients to utilize their own innate wisdom to experience the rich and fulfilling life of their dreams.

After spending the greater part of his life pursuing the American dream, Alex thought he had achieved everything required to fulfill that vision. He had the family, home, friends, social life and a much coveted position with a major financial firm. It appeared to those outside to represent the ideal life, but, despite all appearances, he felt trapped inside the life he had created and struggled greatly to support and keep that life alive. He found himself feeling a complete lack of fulfillment and appreciation for all the blessings in his life.

After years of engaging in self-destructive addictive behaviors and substances, many attempts at long term recovery, and a particularly devastating relapse, Alex reached a point of no longer wanting to live. He came face to face with the choice of life or death. Drawing upon an inner strength he didn’t know existed, Alex chose life, though he didn’t know what that life would look like.

Through the grace of life that sometimes surprises us, and often presents as a quantum moment that profoundly shifts the trajectory of our lives, a question was presented to Alex for his consideration. The question was offered by someone who would become an extremely significant mentor in his life. That question was, "are you willing to choose to live a life based on love and inspiration instead of fear and desperation?".

A voice Alex didn’t know he had, said "yes".

Thus the journey towards realizing the truth of who he really is, and  experiencing genuine fulfillment and well-being began. As simple as that question seemed, and as quickly as the answer came, Alex did not fully realize the power behind that choice and the effect it would have in completely transforming his life.

So much was set in motion from that decision. It was uncharted territory for Alex, and required a great deal of honesty, courage, trust, openness, and willingness to live in a more conscious way. As his journey moves forward, his life continues to evolve and transform in miraculous ways. This transformation has impacted all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Over the course of his journey, Alex has experienced, learned and been trained in many modalities which he is excited to share. These modalities are foundational in the evolution of a life filled with an abundance of love, peace, freedom, ease, and unlimited potential. His training and experience includes certification as a Transformational Breath® facilitator, as well as supporting others in emotional integration and recovery work.  

Alex feels an intense calling to share and guide others in using the many elements and key components he has drawn upon to fuel his own transformation and the awakening of his true purpose.

Alex welcomes you to contact him to explore the many options available to help you realize the life of your dreams.


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